ANTON tells the tale of a loner,  who spending his days as a small time gambler of lotto scratch-off's and in underground betting clubs while hiding from a disgruntled landlord, finds his apartment turning into a forest. Set in one Brooklyn neighborhood, the film explores the increasingly sinister growth of the forest, contemplating the horror that arises in the solitude of the proverbial concrete jungle as Anton faces the fragility of his reality. Anton must decide whether to stay in the forest,  or escape to the Brooklyn neighborhood just on the other side of his vine-covered windows.

The film explores the forest's appearance as an echo of Anton's psyche. As the forest grows, time stills, and Anton is left in a liminal place between fear and transformation.

.*Below are color graded film stills, laurels from screenplay awards, selected clips, as well as film set production design shots and film set installation shots from an exhibition.

                     Hand Fabricated Film Set 

Film set as a site specific installation at Olfactory Art Keller Gallery , NYC