Two otherworldly performers dance in the burning white light. Heart rending and sublime, they weave spells with each movement; incantations rewrite the world with the shamanic grace of new gods.

WInner Best Experimental Film Katra Film Festival , Winner New York International Film , Style, Fashion and Women Festival, Winner Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Honorable Mention- ARFF Berlin Film Festival, Official Selection Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival, Official Selection Fashion Films Festival RD, Official Selection Monthly Indie Shorts , Official Selection Venice Shorts, Official Selection Catania Fashion Fest, Official Selection Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival, Official Selection New York Nil Gallery Film Festival. Semi Finalist Lonely Wolf Film Festival. Official Selection: Darkroom Festival , Oficial Selection : Festival Internacional de danca de Araraquara /SP/Brasil

Director, cinematography, editor, composer



The Vizədənt navigates between the past and the present in a dystopian landscape, seeking meaning and hope in the solitude of a broken world. The film questions what it is to be human if one is all alone.

Winner Best Experimental Film Bowery Film Festival, Winner Best Experimental Film Directors & Best Sound Design: Revolution Me Film Festival, Winner Best Experimental Film Onyko Festival, Honorable Mention-ARFF Berlin Film Festival,Official Selection Bowery Film Festival . Honorable Mention London International Monthly Film Festival , Official Selection Kalakari Film Festival, Official Selection Monthly Indie Shorts, Winner Best Dance performance- Chelsea Fashion Film & Festival, Finalist Venice Shorts, Official Selection AMARP Mostra Internacional De Danca-Images em Movimento, Official Selection: Lightyear Manhattan Bridge Projection, Official Selection: Lightyear Berlin Projection. Oficcial Selection: The Future of Black History-DUMBO Imrovement Project Manhattan Bridge Projection

Co-Direcor, Co-cinematographer, editor, costume designer, composer.


The LEX Requiem

THE LEX REQUIEM is a dance of mourning performed in an ancient town to the LEX Requiem- Haunting and mysterious, the dancers are as specters, until they emerge from the shadows in a celebration of their immortality in the fading light of a summer sun.

Winner Best Experimental Film: Katra Film Festival. Winner Best Experimental Film : Bowery Film Festival. Official Selection Cinema Di Roma Festival, Official Selection Europa Film Festival, Official Official Selection : Arterie Persorso Arti Visive Festival, Official selection : Amacourt Film festival

Co-Director, composer, costume designer, art directo

THE DREAMER'S AWAKE final cut w lower

The Dreamer's Awake

The Dreamer's Awake, featuring Ahmad Razvi, explores the sublime visions of the blind ; a world revealed in lucid dreaming. The short was created as part of Astral Story: a collaborative film by the winner's of the ARFF Berlin Film festival.

Winner: Best Experimental Film Berlin Flash Film Festival

Official Selection: Astrall Film premiere in Paris/ Collaborative Film wih ARFF Berlin Film Festival

Official Selection: Grave New World Cinematic Installation

Official Selection: Cardora Micro Movie Film Festival.

Official Selection: ARFF Berlin /Astrall Project

Official Selection: Cardona Film Festival

Official Selection: Kolkata International Micro Film festival

Finalist: DUMBO Film Festival

Director, cinematographer, editor, composer



Death and The Butcher is a short experimental film commisisoned by Leo Kuels Collection for Light Year projection on the Manhattan Bridge, and Scope Berlin, is inspired by a 19th century Germany fairytale about The Butcher, who meets their demise at the water’s edge, and Death, who taking the form of various animals, leads the The Butcher to the netherworld. The film takes place in the in-between, where The Butcher uselessly fights off Death’s advances to a soundtrack composed of recitations from the Egyptian book of the dead, Tibetan funerary prayer horns and keening wails from an Indonesian mourning ceremony. The film explores the barren realm of the unknown as the two characters continue in a dance of death through resistance, fear and acceptance..

Official Selection: Light Year Manhattan Bridge Projection, Official Selection: LightYear Berlin Scope Art Fair

Official Selection: Cult Movies International Film Festival

Co Director, co-editor, co-cinematographer, sound designer, composer


The Persistence of Ritual

The Persistence of Ritual is a suite of short films exploring the dark beauty within horror and magic. These films are a testament to otherworldly female power; equally light, dark, alluring and sinister. The words whispered in the films are from ancient spells found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and 16th century grimoires.

Semi Finalist: Super 9 Mobile Film Fest. Official Selection 15 Second Horror Fest, Official Selection Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Official Selection Stephen Romano Gallery The Persistence of Ritual

Director, cinematographer, editor, composer


With A Kiss I Turn Poison To Magic

With a Kiss I Turn Poison to Magic is a film celebrating the body moving in nature as a ritual onto itself. Deep in the forest the dancers move in a play of seduction, celebration and eternal beauty.

Official Selection: Eros and the Divine Exhibition

Director, cinematographer, editor, composer



Oracle, featuring Hannah Fierman, is a spell. Every one of the Oracle’s movements is a moment of magic; a step upon the verdant ground, a glance into the scrying bowl filled with rain water, an incantation tumbling from her lips and spirited away on swells of music. Each of these moments, the Oracle harnesses the elements, calling forth visions of an uncertain future. Her growing fury demands the rewriting of the world, and we leave her there-a daughter of the dusk, cloaked in the spells of rituals past.

Official Selection Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Official Selection Stephen Romano Gallery

Director, cinematograopher, editor, composer